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jai is the file extension for source code files, and the name of the compiler, but what does it mean? How do you pronounce it?

Jai is pronounced /dʒɑɪ/ 1, rhyming with ‘chai’, like the tea.

As far as meaning, there does not seem to be an official answer yet2 3, so we are left with guesses:

  • जय - victory! in Hindi 4 5 6
  • j.a.i. - jonathan’s awesome idea 7

  1. “/dɑt dʒɑɪ/” (.jai)
    “Polymorphic Procedures, part 1” YouTube, uploaded by Jonathan Blow, Apr 1, 2015, 

  2. unanswered question in video comments.
    YouTube comments, 

  3. another unanswered question in video comments.
    YouTube comments, 

  4. “Jai sounds ridiculously familiar to Indians. Jai Maata Di! ” (meaning, ‘Hail to mother goddess’, e.g.: Jai Mata Di : The three words to win the world)
    YouTube comments, 

  5. jai - Victory! (used as an expression of praise or support, especially in political slogans).
    “Oxford Dictionaries. Jai.” Oxford University Press, 

  6. jay - noun meaning victory or triumph.

  7. ??? which video was that?
    FIXME: find this comment.., <#> 

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